Your Co-Optim Health Experience

Healing starts when you walk through the door.

What to Expect
Enjoy a place of well-being, comfort, and healing.
Modern, upscale lounge area
The Approach
Co Optimhealth logo Co-Optim Health welcomes patients with love and kindness. We believe healing starts when you walk in the door. From our inviting, warm, and friendly team to our relaxing, beautifully appointed reception lounge, our passion for creating a completely different experience for patients is rooted in love and compassion.
Medical Providers talking to each other
The Providers
Co Optimhealth logo The understanding and appreciation of the human healing experience are woven into Co-Optim Health in every way. We know you’ll feel better after visiting us. Our growing network of diverse healthcare providers allows patients the convenience of scheduling back-to-back appointments with multiple providers all in a single location.
2 children enjoying a ride in the lobby
The Experience
Co Optimhealth logo Patients can enjoy our relaxing lounges and hospitality while awaiting their appointment. Our luxury lounges offer a bountiful daily assortment of fresh fruit, healthy snacks and refreshments, multiple entertainment options, and high-speed internet access.
Amenities for Patients
One of our patients talking to our team and smiling

Experience a new approach to healthcare that includes:

  • Grand reception

  • Complimentary Starbucks coffee

  • Health bars

  • Luxury lounges

You’ll be treated to convenience, compassion, kindness, and respect during every visit to Co-Optim Health.

One of our female patients talking to our team and smiling

Co-Optim Health is not your typical provider they are above and beyond anywhere we have been. I have three kids all with a fear of going to the doctor. When we go to Co-Optim Health it’s like we are not even at the doctor’s office. With the staff being so genuine and the kid-friendly decor it feels like you are at home. Thanks to Co-Optim Health my kids no longer have a fear of going to the doctors.